Landscaping Scottsdale | What to Know

Landscaping in Scottsdale, Arizona, is difficult for multiple reasons. In Arizona, hot weather is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to keep flowers and plants that look beautiful throughout the year. experienced landscapers in Arizona will ensure that you have the right plants and flowers installed from the beginning. Planting plants and flowers that have the best chance of surviving during 100 + degree weather is always Landscaping Scottsdaleimportant. It is very important for you to do some research on the best plants to grow in Arizona and ask the landscaper their professional opinion.


One of the major concerns to Arizona residents’ is the fact that water is scarce and in order to conserve water, some homeowners decide to go with the “Desert Landscaping” theme. It is not difficult to make this decision considering that Arizona is part of the Sonoran Desert area in the western half of the United States. However, there is a big difference between having a desert landscape in your front yard and having a professional nice-looking desert landscaping


There are some specific disadvantages of living in Arizona. One of them is that there is excessive heat, especially during the summer, making the availability of water to be scarce. Water conservation in Arizona is a big deal and it reflected on landscaping ideas for many people living in this area. While there are still some lush green ideas available, it can be expensive to maintain green grass in Arizona, because you have to water them more than usual, and in the summer your grass may die.


Some people have even begun to be really creative with their landscaping ideas in Arizona, and they have a unique idea of having ​green lawns throughout the year, without any maintenance or watering at all. This is done through the use of artificial grass. This is not a kind of AstroTurf which you may be very familiar with. In fact, there are many companies that manufacture artificial turf that looks like the real thing. It even contains different colored pieces that give a look of fresh lawns. This unique style has many different benefits. One of them is that once they are placed, you do not have to worry about it again. This type of surface cover is flame retardant, so you have a fire barrier around your home.


Good landscaping plan looks and put into consideration the climate, space, purpose, and cost. Maintenance and water requirements should also be considered. Having a plan helps guide the landscaping process. Some people choose to complete all the landscapes at a time while others are taking a gradual approach. Many trends follow such as xeriscaping, which reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation.



New landscapers should consider the types of colors required, whether the yard will serve any function, what plants contribute to it, and what kind of atmosphere they wish to create. Taking a stroll or driving around local Scottsdale, Arizona neighborhoods may provide some design inspiration. Once the landscape wish list is developed, the implementation phase begins. The result will be a beautiful landscape that enhances the appearance of the house.

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