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Have you been stressed so much in your search for the best air conditioning contractor in Phoenix, Arizona? You need to find the solution you are looking for. As a well-established Air conditioning and heating contractor, you need someone whose mission is to make your workplace, home, companies, and factories cool all through the tough summer and warm during winter. Someone who is equipped with the high technology working equipment and backed by qualified seasoned engineers we satisfy your necessity. A malfunctioning air conditioner in summer in this part of the state can be excruciating due to harsh conditions. You need a contractor who is on time and will fix your issues in the least time possible. From the new Air Conditioning Contractor Phoenixconstructions or repair and replacing malfunctioning equipment, they should value your time. For new housing, they need to take care of the contract from the foundation to the handover of the house, and building giving us a top-notch understanding of the ventilation an all ducts layout. If they are a top listed in the field of Air Conditioning Contractor in Phoenix, Arizona, they take appreciation from wide clientele base that has cooperated well with their field engineers.

The follow-ups on their client for recommended review time stands out to your requirements and proposal.

Why trust on them for the services

Unplanned Breakdown-Due to the workmanship of their qualified engineers the air conditioner is guaranteed to serve you without unexpected interruption.

Regular air conditioner maintenance saves you time and power bills due to the excellent performance of your equipment.

Service of equipment -the span of service is paramount for any equipment for there are no sudden occurrences requiring attention.

Experience and excellent installation and maintenance of the wide range of various manufacturer brands maintain our confidence services in case of emergency occurrences.


Systematic equipment problem analysis and breakdown.

The failure of the air conditioner system is triggered by issues that their experts follow keenly to establish the exact culprit. For their clients, there is a free diagnostic service for any replacement of parts.

Duct cleanup

There is always the requirement of routine cleaning of the air ducts to get rid of dust mold, and allergens to make your home clean air circulation.

New equipment

They install new air conditioner equipment for their clients who require an overhaul. This is undertaken with your choice into consideration and their expert’s advice to come up with the best equipment to serve you. They offer installation of the manufacturer of the best Air Conditioner in the state like Goodman, York, Lennox, Rheem and many other, their team expertise in this equipment serve excellently.


For their trusted and esteemed clients, there is a financing for the purchase and installation services. There is no need for you to shelf the much-needed makeover due to finance, they offer a given percentage and settlement of full cost to be settled later.

Service quotation

As there is always a budget beforehand there is always the need to know the full services and equipment cost to be prepared. They re-join to contract quotation requirement as they forage for the actual fieldwork.

The contractor is available to all orders and tickets issued in our service line. They offer client air conditioner awareness workshops to educate you on the perfect equipment measures.

The Air Conditioning contractor in Phoenix, Arizona needs to offer the best services contract in the HVAC field.


For more information on an air conditioning contractor in Phoenix, Arizona visit

Sunrise Mechanical Inc
125 North 2nd Street Suite 110 #354
Phoenix AZ 85004
(602) 714-1009

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